The 5th Project Biennial of Contemporary Art D-0 ARK Underground

26.04.2019 – 26.10.2019.
Do secret services dream of a museum?

Curated by Basak Senova, Branko Franceschi, and Jonatan Habib Engqvist,

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”.
1984 by George Orwell

The D-0Ark Underground Contemporary Art Biennial was initially programmed to be completed in 5 editions and designed to become an amalgamation of a military and contemporary art museum after completing its cycle. In this respect, the 5th edition is the “end” that is also the “new beginning”. “Do secret services dream of a museum?” underlines this transition that overlaps closures with the openings and transcends function with vision. The project is a unique example of how the contemporary art —whilst in a situation of insufficient financial resources, intermittent professional opportunities, and lack of political or social stability to maintain any of the art institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina— saved a military museum, thus preserving the archives from the past for the future. Furthermore, it suggests how different fields of knowledge and research can nurture one another other and create a common ground for social growth.

This edition will present works by Bella Rune, the Cuss Group, Jagoda Bui?, Larissa Sansour, Mirko Mari?, Mom?ilo Golub, Ramesch Daha, Renee Petropoulos, Vesna Pavlovi?, Yoko Ono, and Zlatko Kopljar. Following the pattern of the previous editions, the participating artists demonstrate different artistic methodologies, approaches, disciplines, media and generations. Nevertheless, as a significant intersection point, criticality and research are inherent in all the featured works. One has to take into account that new works will merge and co-exist with the 148 works from the previous editions by addressing new perspectives, meanings, and viewing experiences to recognize the bunker as a single entity.

Vesna Pavlovic’s Lost Art: Photography, Display, and the Archive

Designed by Stephanie Sauer of artlyrics, Vesna Pavlovic’s Lost Art: Photography, Display, and the Archive, contextualizes Pavlovic’s photographs and installations in relationship to art history, the legacy of the Cold War in Eastern Europe, and contemporary display practices. Edited by Morna O’Neill (Wake Forest University), it features five essays by award-winning art historians and curators (Paul Bright, Catherine Carl, John Jay Curley, Morna O’Neill, Kristina Wilson) as well as an artist’s portfolio. It is 96 pages long, with 42 illustrations (26 in black and white, 16 in color) and will sell for $24.00. This book is the inaugural offering in an ambitious new publication program undertaken by the Hanes Art Gallery, the venue for contemporary art at Wake Forest University.

The Travellers: Voyage and Migration in New Art from Central and Eastern Europe

25.08.17–28.01.18 10:00–18:00
Kumu Art Museum
Tallinn Estonia

The exhibition looks at travel in a region where freedom to travel was, until recently, a luxury available only to the very few. The revolution of 1989/1991 and the subsequent opening to the world and globalisation processes allowed citizens of the former Eastern bloc personal mobility on an unprecedented scale. The region’s new, post-socialist identity was dictated by participation in international exchanges as much as by the new political and economic order.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book of the same title with contributions from the artists and the curator, published by Lugemik and designed by Stuudio Stuudio (Mikk Heinsoo & Kaarel Nõmmik).

Artists: Ade?la Babanova?, Daniel Baker, Olga Chernysheva, Wojciech Gilewicz, C.T. Jasper & Joanna Malinowska, Flo Kasearu, Karel Koplimets, Irina Korina, Taus Makhacheva, Porter McCray, Alban Muja, Ilona Németh & Jonathan Ravasz, Roman Ondák, Tímea Anita Oravecz, Adrian Paci, Vesna Pavlovic, Dushko Petrovich, Janek Simon, Radek Szlaga & Honza Zamojski, Maja Vukoje, Sislej Xhafa

Curator: Magdalena Moskalewicz
Coordinator: Triin Tugiste
Exhibition design: Tõnu Narro
Graphic design: Stuudio Stuudio
Educational program: Mary-Ann Talvistu & team

George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation Fellowship

The Howard Foundation awards a limited number of fellowships each year for independent projects in selected fields, targeting its support specifically to early mid-career individuals, those who have achieved recognition for at least one major project. Eight fellowships were awarded for 2017-2018 in the fields of Photography, Anthropology, and Archaeology.

Titos Bunker

May 27 – August 6, 2017

Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Taysir Batniji, Bernd Behr, David Brognon / Stéphanie Rollin, Annalisa Cannito, Olga Chernysheva, Edith Dekyndt, Jan Peter Hammer, James T. Hong, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Milomir Kovacevic, Susanne Kriemann, Dorit Margreiter, Eduardo Paolozzi, Vesna Pavlovic´, Dan Perjovschi, Lia Perjovschi, Jorge Ribalta, Alexander Sokurow, Sandra Vitaljic, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag und andere / among others

Kurator_innen / Curators
Hans D. Christ, Iris Dressler

Eröffnung / Opening
Freitag, 26. Mai 2017, 19 Uhr
Friday, May 26, 2017, 7 p.m.


"The point of departure for this exhibition, which is on show at the Wuerttembergischer Kunstverein from May 27 to August 6, 2017, is a very unique place, Tito’s Bunker in Konjic (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The atomic fallout shelter, built from 1953 to 1979 near Sarajevo, today serves as a site for a biennial of contemporary art, the Project Biennial D-0 ARK. The objective is to establish a museum there based on artworks that have been shown at the biennial.

Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ have been invited to curate the 4th Project Biennial. In parallel with this project, they are developing an exhibition for the Wuerttembergischer Kunstverein. The idea is to deal with the bunker both in the very heart of the place itself and from a distance—a remote site, where the exhibition will be shaped by the absence of the bunker becoming itself almost a phantom.

Whereas the project in the bunker, which already hosts more than 120 artworks from the previous biennials, is limited to six artistic interventions, the aim in Stuttgart is to invite a broader
range of artists and works—and to bring into play various lines of reference and associations: from the two World Wars to the siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s and recent wars; from the atomic
bombs destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the atomic plant accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima; from the bunker— as a survival shelter—to gated communities. The bunker will be reflected as infrastructure, as promise of deliverance, as post-cataclysmic projection surface, as dispositif of selection, but also as a utopian (or rather heterotopic) space, et cetera.

The around twenty artists from the Stuttgart exhibition also include those who have developed projects directly for Tito’s Bunker. The exhibition moreover includes a series of historical and
current reference materials."

Press release

Lost Art

NOVEMBER 4 – DECEMBER 11, 2016 / JANUARY 3 – 22, 2017

Hanes Art Gallery

Wake Forest University

1834 Wake Forest Rd #113

Winston-Salem, NC 27109

Vesna Pavlovi?’s Lost Art continues her “exploration of archives as repositories for personal, social, and institutional memory.” In this installation, she will incorporate visual media from various sources into her work. These include photography acquired from the Museum of Yugoslav History. Lost Art “explores the materiality of obsolescent media, and their evolving relationship with memory in contemporary culture.” Her opening will be marked by a “mini-symposium,” and a Community Slide Show will take place as a participatory element of this exhibition at SECCA in January.


Paul Bright, in collaboration with the artist and with SECCA, with funding from the Provost’s Office

Paralel to the show, the half-day symposium “Lost Art: Photography and Display” will feature lectures, discussion, and an opportunity to consider the exhibition. The event take place on Friday, November 4, 2016.

"The exhibition Vesna Pavlovi?: Lost Art addresses the geography of the post-Cold War world, comprising narratives of location and dislocation in a global context. Much of her work mines history and personal experience to ask the viewer to consider both the utopian impulses and, a times, the empty pageantry of sites of display. Her masterful plotting of the installation of these photographs draws upon a cinematic sense of mise-en-scene in a way that encourages us to question photography’s perceived “truth.” This consideration of the nature of the photographic image, or, in her words, “the photographic moment,” also allows her to explore related questions of memory and representation. Her installation at the Hanes Gallery explores these themes through the residue of Sebia’s socialist past, mining the archive of the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade to create an installation that literally and figuratively reveals life behind “the iron curtain.” Focusing on sites and events of cultural significance, these works examine the power of photography to conflate individual and national identity." Morna O’Neill Associate Professor, Wake Forest Department of Art

Fall and Folds


814 Edgewood Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA 30307

June 24 – July 30, 2016

Artist Talk Saturday, June 25

Vesna Pavlovi?’s Fall and Folds, her second solo exhibition with the whitespace gallery, explores institutional archives of recovered slides. The artist collected many of the slides from several art history departments. Recognized for their brilliant color reproduction and groundbreaking presentation capability, photographic slides were fetishized by artists and educators, and widely used by amateurs. Recent years have seen slide technology and the equipment that supported it fall into obsolescence. Meanwhile, the ways we share images have become instantaneous, and lost their physicality. Art historian Morna O’Neall writes, “Pavlovi?’s work asks fundamental questions about how individuals relate to the photographic image and how this relationship changes when it is viewed communally through projection. In so doing, she challenges us to confront the biases that inform the telling of history—whether art’s history in the classroom or one’s own personal history in the vacation slideshow”. The slide-related photographs and objects in the Fall and Folds exhibition reflect on the use of specific materials such as fabric in both art history, and the exhibition design. Within the exhibition setting, the materiality of obsolete objects comes forward, through the illumination and transparency of photographic slides.

Community Slide Show

Atlanta Contemporary

Contemporary Cocktails

Thursday, July 28, 6:30 –9:00 PM

535 Means Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

In conjunction with the Fall and Folds exhibition at whitespace gallery (June 24-July 30), Vesna Pavlovi? is presenting the Community Slide Show event at the Atlanta Contemporary on Thursday, July 25th. This one-night performance features an open call to members of the community to bring, project, and share their personal collections of photographic slides in a gallery setting. Each projection offers a view to a personal history, with narratives as distinct as the individuals behind the pictures. Audience members are able to share their personal histories, as well as sort through and project slides available within the installation. For older audiences, these references to medium-specific sensory perceptions evoke nostalgia, and recollections associated with earlier modes of experiencing images. For younger audiences, they provide an introduction to the antiquated slide show experience.

The MacDowell Colony

Artist Residency, July 1- July 22, 2016

The mission of The MacDowell Colony is to nurture the arts by offering creative individuals of the highest talent an inspiring environment in which they can produce enduring works of the imagination. The sole criterion for acceptance to The MacDowell Colony is artistic excellence. MacDowell defines excellence in a pluralistic and inclusive way, encouraging applications from artists representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics. (website).

The Travellers

14.05 – 21.08.2016

Zacheta – National Gallery of Art

Curator: Magdalena Moskalewicz
Collaboration on the part of Zacheta: Magdalena Komornicka

"The exhibition looks at travel in a region where freedom to travel was, until recently, a luxury available only to the very few. The revolution of 1989 and the subsequent opening to the world and globalisation processes allowed citizens of the former Eastern Bloc personal mobility on an unprecedented scale. Participation in international exchanges contributed to the region’s identity today as much as the new political and economic order. For two successive decades, capitalism and globalisation carried us farther, faster, and surer, until we got used to thinking in terms of progress with only one direction — forward! Today, we see how that moment was as pivotal for modern European history as it was exceptional. Europe’s response to foreign refugees shows that our participation in the global exchange was, and is, predominantly one-way. We do not willingly share the privileges that we gained after the fall of the Berlin Wall and as a consequence of our EU accession. We are enthusiastic about going abroad, but far less so about welcoming foreigners." (press)

Artists: Adela Babanovaa, Daniel Baker, Olga Czernyszewa, Wojciech Gilewicz, Pravdoliub Ivanov, C.T. Jasper & Joanna Malinowska, Irina Korina, Taus Makhacheva, Porter McCray, Alban Muja, Ilona Nemeth & Jonathan Ravasz, Roman Ondak, Tímea Anita Oravecz, Adrian Paci, Vesna Pavlovi?, Dushko Petrovich, Janek Simon, Radek Szlaga & Honza Zamojski, Maja Vukoje, Sislej Xhafa

Photographic Language: Analog with Vesna Pavlovi? and the Nashville Community Darkroom

Taking inspiration from the exhibition The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography and Film, join Vesna Pavlovi?, artist and Vanderbilt photography professor, to explore the relationship between photography and ideology. Learn the basics of film exposure and negative processing in the Nashville Community Darkroom, and then utilize its wet lab, film loading room, and other amenities throughout the week to experiment and to develop prints. On the final Saturday, share your results at the Frist Center with your classmates.
The Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
March 31 - April 3, 2016

Community arts event happening at multiple venues in downtown Asheville and the River Arts District. Through exhibitions, talks, film and panel discussions, this cross-disciplinary festival explores visual and material culture in the 21st century by examining intersections between photography and craft.

Lost Art
Zeitgeist Gallery
September 5 - October 31, 2015

Vesna Pavlovi?'s Lost Art will be Pavlovi?’s second solo show with the gallery. Lost Art continues Pavlovi?’s exploration of archives as repositories for personal, social, and institutional memory. In this show, Pavlovi? transforms visual media from various sources into works of art. The source images include discarded slides from university libraries, photography acquired from the Museum of Yugoslav History, and video stills of the birthday event of Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito (an event in which the artist participated as a designated Tito’s pioneer). These works explore the materiality of obsolescent media, and their evolving relationship with memory in contemporary culture and political psychology.

On Saturday, October 10 (6-8pm,) Zeitgeist Gallery invites members of the community to bring, project, and share their personal collections of slide photography in the gallery. Recently, there has been a cultural shift away from slides as a mode of sharing images, perhaps because of the bulky nature of the technology. From academic art departments to personal collections, slides are often unused or abandoned. This is an opportunity to re-activate old technology in an environment of examination and introduction.

Inside Out

Curated by Alenka Gregoric and Suzana Milevska
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
September 24 - November 22, 2015

Inside out is a co-curated interdisciplinary project focused on the transformation of museums, galleries and other public institutions for production, presentation and collection of contemporary art in a transitional period.

In a situation where many regional institutions fight a redefinition of their roles or with basic requirements for their proper functioning, it is necessary for the first phase of the project to inspect comparative historical and theoretical analyses and incorporate various critical art reviews on the already existing organisational models in institutions. A relevant question of the post-institutional critique remains; how is it possible to analyse various art institutions within the context of socio-political and economic system structures and frameworks. The project mainly questions Institutional Critique (as it was originally defined in the context of western art) and various methods of reviewing institutions.

Five Artists

Curated by Matthew Schum
David Nolan Gallery
June 25 - August 1, 2015
New York

Ana Prvacki, Clarissa Tossin, Vesna Pavlovi?, Steffani Jemison, and Pilvi Takala.

"Five Artists is loosely based on Robert Altman’s film 1977 3 Women. Set somewhere in the California desert, the sparse narrative depicts three characters who occupy, overturn and eventually abandon their male-dominated community. Taking inspiration from the eroded landscape and classical mythology, the appropriation of patriarchy in the film’s conclusion involves the characters becoming an amalgamation of archetypal roles. Myth-making within recent art became a consideration when selecting artworks for the present exhibition. The various works suggest a displacement of political orders predicated on male values. They resist gendered formulas of making and art’s market-driven desertification, just as Altman’s most experimental film, in its time, did." Matthew Schum

Intersections @ 5: Contemporary Art Projects at the Phillips

May 28 - October 25, 2015
The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

The Phillips Collection celebrates the fifth anniversary of Intersections, which since 2009 has presented the work of 21 artists—10 men and 11 women—from the US and abroad. Each artist engaged the museum’s collection and architecture in different ways, creating diverse projects—both aesthetically and conceptually—and employing various media and approaches from wall-drawing, rubber-painting, bicycle spoke sculpture, and digital photography to video projection and yarn installation. This exhibition presents works by Intersections artists that have been acquired to date, both pieces that were featured in past installations and new works that are reminiscent or emblematic of the projects. Most importantly, the anniversary exhibition is a celebration of the Phillips’s mission to actively collect and display contemporary art.

The New Art Gallery Walsall, England
Curated by Zoe Lippett
30 January - 3 May 2015

FOUND brings together important works by a group of contemporary artists who work with found images. Transforming , cutting, or re-interpreting visual material sourced from the internet, magazines, old books, anonymous family albums and personal collections, the artists explore themes of loss, memorialisation, collective experience, and socially-constructed hierarchies concerning gender, race, religion, history and mass culture. Drawing attention to our relentless consumption and self-projection of visual information in a digital age, the selected works reverberate and bring into question the feeling of being suffocated and framed by representations of other people's lives, tastes and experiences.

FOUND includes in-depth presentations of work by Paul Chiappe, Vesna Pavlovi?, John Stezaker, Ruth Claxton and Ellen Gallagher and features new work specially commissioned by The New Art Gallery Walsall.

New Beginnings. Latest Acquisitions from the Collection of MoCA Belgrade
Curators: Sandra Demetrescu, Misela Blanusa
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania
November 27, 2014 - March 29, 2015

The exhibition reunites a selection of works from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, and presents their new acquisitions strategy (after 2001) that sets its focus on post-Yugoslav and Central-East-European art.

Hiba Ali, Erika Blumenfeld, Tega Brain, Varvara & Mar, Vesna Pavlovic, and Patricia Reed
Curated by Aja Martin
October 25 - November 29, 2014

Zhulong Gallery
1302 Dragon Street
Dallas, TX 75207

"A systema is a complex of anatomical structures functionally related; a system. Taking on a dark quality formally, the works in the exhibition call attention to the omnipresence of data, the need for systematic organization, and their creative potential. The international group show will feature video, new media, sculpture and two-dimensional work by Hiba Ali (Chicago), Tega Brain (Sydney and New York), Erika Blumenfeld (US), Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet (Estonia and Spain), Vesna Pavlovi?, (b. Yugoslavia, r. Nashville, TN) and Patricia Reed (Berlin). These artists elucidate and play with socio-political, economic, information, environmental, communications and coding systems and explore how this mesh of layered structures informs our contemporary experience." (Press-release, Zhulong Gallery)


September 13- October 18, 2014

Opening reception: September 13, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

G Fine Art
4718 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20011

In this exhibition, Vesna Pavlovic continues to explore the archive of images of the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, Serbia. The archive is the visual record of Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito’s career and his travels around former Yugoslavia and the world. It represents a psychological portrait of an era, burdened with photographic representation of socialist propaganda. The project examines the role of spectacle in state ideology through the lens of photographic representation. Personal and individual experience is juxtaposed with the collective representations of the national unity. The tension between the archive's private intention and its public display is central to the character of the archive's photographic and historical representation.

Vesna Pavlovic // Phillips Collection // Intersections


The artist uses digital media to explore how the museum’s archive reflects its history

May 22 – September 28, 2014

Using documentary materials sourced from The Phillips Collection’s library and archives, Vesna Pavlovic examines the museum’s history of exhibition and display in a new installation, on view beginning May 22. Illuminated Archive showcases a 20-foot translucent curtain printed with digitally manipulated images and two related c-prints that explore the idea of transparency, both photographic and historic. The installation is part of the Phillips’s ongoing Intersections series, a project highlighting contemporary art and artists in conversation with the museum’s permanent collection and archives.

Vesna Pavlovic will give an artist’s perspective on her installation at the Phillips on May 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Altered Connections: Recent Art From Serbia
Cecille R. Hunt Gallery - Webster University, St.Louis, USA
21.03 2014 - 19.04.2014
Curated bu Jeffrey Hughes
Dejan Kaludjerovic | Tanja Ostojic | Vesna Pavlovic | Ivan Petrovic | Vahida Ramujkic | Zoran Todorovic | Katarina Zdjelar |

Visiting Artists and Scholars Program
Vesna Pavlovic

The George Washington University
Department of Fine Arts & Art History
March 5, 6:15 pm, Smith Hall 114

SCORE: Artists in Overtime

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
Curated by Hope Cohn
Opening reception: Friday, January 31th / 6:30-8:30pm
February 1 - March 29, 2014

Featuring works by: Meg Aubrey, Lucinda Bunnen, Marica Cohen, Craig Drennen, Margaret Fletcher
Aubrey Longley Cooke, Charlie McCullers, Michi Meko, Michael David Murphy, Vesna Pavlovic, Joe Peragine, Michael Peterson, Michael Reese, Kathryn Refi, Jerry Siegel, Larry Sultan , Gregor Turk, Lisa Tuttle, Martha Whittington

SCORE: Artists in Overtime is an exhibition that explores the relationship between sports and art through painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia. Curated by Hope Cohn, the exhibition explores the parallels between art and sports. It examines the shared principles of art making and athleticism through strategy, placement, timing, the relationship between athletes & spectators, artist & viewer, and looks at sports as a vehicle for social and cultural commentary.

Grinding the Individual From the Fabrics of Socialism at Whitespace, Andrew Alexander, Burnaway, November 7, 2013

Vesna Pavlovic’s poetic exploration of media as propaganda in native Yugoslavia, at Whitespace, Harriette Grissom, Arts Atlanta, November 7, 2013

CENCIA Presents Vesna Pavlovic
In conjunction with artist Vesna Pavlovic's exhibition, Fabrics of Socialism, at the whitespace gallery in Atlanta, the Center for Collaborative and International Arts (CENCIA) at Georgia State University will host an Artist Panel Discussion with Pavlovic and GSU faculty members Jill Frank, Dan Weiskopf, and Stewart Ziff.

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 7pm
Venue: 100 Auburn Avenue Auditorium
Cost: FREE and open to the public

whitespace Gallery
Atlanta, GA
October 18-November 30, 2013

Fabrics of Socialism, artist Vesna Pavlovi?'s first solo exhibition with whitespace gallery, is a body of photography works based on the research of a black and white image archive found in the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade. The archive is the visual record of former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito's career and his travels around the world and former Yugoslavia. Transforming the archive into a large theatrical set offers a way to discuss the photographic representation of history and collective memory of post-World War II Yugoslavia. The tension between the archive's private intention and its public display is central to the character of the archive's photographic and historical representation. The works in the exhibition evoke a bygone socialist utopia and everydayness of monumental history.


Featuring HATCH Projects Residents Kristina Felix, Johana Mosocoso, Jessica Bardsley, Kristin Nason, Rebecca Hamlin Green, and Victoria Bradford
With additional works by Vesna Pavlovic, Allison Reimus, Dianna Frid, Scott Fortino, Ronny Quevado,
and Stephanie Brooks
Curated by Jessica Cochran
November 1- December 5, 2013
Chicago Artists Coalition


Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Inauguración: Sábado 7 de septiembre / 17 HS
Hasta el 3 de noviembre
En su primera exposición individual en la Argentina, Pavlovic (Serbia / EE.UU.) presenta fotografías e instalaciones que interrogan la historia del medio fotográfico analógico y su relación con la memoria.

window (re/production | re/presentation) Asheville, NC

Window (re/production | re/presentation) is pleased to present Looking for Images, by Vesna Pavlovi?. The installation will be on view from September 2nd to the 30th. Pavlovic describes the work as a photographic transparency consisting of a patchwork of vintage travel slides, woven together through two digital layers. Printed on transparent media and adhered to the façade, the storefront window will serve in this instance as the light?box or viewfinder usually used to inspect these miniscule images.

Cepa Gallery, Buffalo, NY
September 20 - November 23, 2013
Curated by Craig Smith and Sean Donaher

The exhibition includes an international group of artists working, including Smith, in a diversity of conceptual aesthetic modes that address the social engagement with a culture of competitive sports in the United States and abroad. Covering a dynamic range of professional, amateur, and almost unrecognized as sport, this photography, film, public performance, and interactive media exhibition will demonstrate the hype, criticism, design, and process of sports competition, body and mind development, social construction, and rehabilitation through sport, real-time communication feeds (radio, tv, web) of live events, community identity, and sports tourism in the United States and abroad. The Art of Sport presents artists whose conceptual, technical, and aesthetic processes learn from, utilize, and create innovative strategies to critically and visually demonstrate relations between art and sport.

Confirmed participants include Catherine Opie (US), Paul Pfeiffer (US),
Daria Martin (UK), John Baldessari (US), Anne Hardy (UK), Hans van der
Meer (NL), Lee Walton (US), Matthew Bakkom (US), Vesna Pavlovic
(Serbis/US), Mitch Miller (US), Craig Smith (US), Bradley Beesley (US),
and Harold Edgerton (US).

Source: College of Fine Arts Loop Blog

Paço das Artes
São Paulo, Brazil
October 1- December, 2013
Curated by Priscila Arantes

Classe:Mario Ramiro
Curso compacto com Vesna Pavlovi?
Escola de Comunicações e Artes
Universidade de São Paulo
23-27 de Setembro_2013
19-22 hs
Depto. Artes Plásticas

Como parte do intercâmbio entre os Deptos de Artes Plásticas da ECA-USP e da Universidade Vanderbilt (Nashville, USA), será oferecido, entre os dias 23 e 27 de setembro, das 19 às 22 hs (sala C8 - prédio do Depto. de Artes Plásticas), o curso compacto sobre a arte fotográfica contemporânea ministrado pela professora Vesna Pavlovi? (Servia - USA) no contexto da disciplina “A fotografia do Invisível”, de responsabilidade do prof. Dr. Mario Ramiro.

As aulas tematizam a chamada “fotografia expandida”, analisando as manifestações contemporâneas da produção fotográfica que se expandem para o espaço instalativo das exposições e que também se utilizam de recursos de outras mídias audiovisuais na sua constituição. As aulas irão também apresentar os conceitos e técnicas contemporâneas que consideram os arquivos fotográficos já existentes como um ponto de partida para o trabalho criativo. A profa. Vesna irá abordar, por meio de uma série de slides, leituras, oficinas e discussões o desenvolvimento do pensamento conceitual no campo da arte fotográfica até a chamada "fotografia expandida", onde a instalação e o cinema se apresentam, nos dias de hoje, como formas de leitura e apresentação possíveis para o trabalho fotográfico.

A discussão pretende evoluir ainda para os temas da impermanência e preservação dos arquivos fotográficos nos dias de hoje. A artista e profa. de fotografia da universidade Vanderbilt, em Nashville, Tennessee (USA) irá apresentar a sua pesquisa sobre a "Iconografia do Espetáculo", em que utiliza arquivos de imagens fotográficas como forma de discutir a representação da história e da memória coletiva na antiga Iugoslávia após a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Aulas serão abertas ao público, sem necessidade de inscrição.


Zeitgeist Gallery
June 9 - July 6, 2013
Opening: Friday June 14th, 6-9PM


Lanchester Gallery Projects
26 APRIL – 26 MAY 2013


LGP has invited Maja Ciric to curate WE’RE EVERYTHING TO EACH OTHER, an exhibition of four artists that examine curatorial practice in a transnational context and transcultural politics of representation. Pavlovi?’s SEARCH FOR LANDSCAPES follows a real American family on a 1960s world trip. The casual snapshots of domestic posing against exotic landscapes reveal the climb of America’s status of power. Grubanov’s long-term research project THE EVIL PAINTER is code for formulating a counterpublic and a discourse for a resistant identity. NOTES ON THE MISSING OH is Adria Julia’s film portrait of Hollywood flop movie Inchon. Julia gently reconfigures the Korean-War film’s landscapes and interviews cast members to disclose a film and history mired in propaganda, war mongering and underhand deals. (gallery website)

Spectator Sports
Museum of Contemporary Photography

Columbia College Chicago
April 12- July 3, 2013
Featuring the work of:
Roderick Buchanan
Ewan Gibbs
Michelle Grabner
Jack Goldstein
Julie Henry
Brett Kashmere
Vesna Pavlovi?
Paul Pfeiffer
Susken Rosenthal
Katja Stuke
Charlie White

The Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) at Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce Spectator Sports, a group exhibition that includes artists who consider ways technologies cultivate and engage sports fans––using broadcast displays of professional athleticism intermixed with narrative dramatization. Central to each artist’s interest is a vicarious connection that fans feel with the athletes or teams they root for. The artworks shown address the experience of watching athletics live, in real time, and also analyze the complex cultural meanings that can be unpacked by studying archives of past performances. Together, the artists in Spectator Sports reveal ways the design of sports arenas, the conventions of broadcast media, and the storylines that surround athletic competition turn real bodies into representations that we simultaneously empathize with, and consume. (MOCP)

Archetype Drift: A Call for New Methods of Photographic Making
Opening Reception Wednesday, March 6
5:00pm–8:00pm at Johalla Projects
1821 West Hubbard Street, Ste. 209

Running concurrent with the Society for Photographic Education’s (SPE) sold-out, national conference, Filter Photo is pleased to announce a juried exhibition, Archetype Drift. The exhibition is juried and curated by Jason Lazarus and presented at the West Town gallery Johalla Projects from March 6th – 23rd. The exhibition will address new ways of photographic making, editing, and presentation and will include still photographs, video work, and GIFs. (website)

Real Images
SEED Space, Nashville, TN
January 19 - March 1, 2013

Art Matters 2012 Grantees Announcement

Art Matters is pleased to announce 32 grants ranging in amounts of $3,000 - $10,000 to artists who are working on socially engaged projects with a local, national and/or global focus: Nicole Awai, Rozalinda Borcila, Che Chen, Sandra de la Loza, Sergio de la Torre, Harry Dodge, Daniel Duford, Kate Gilmore, Renée Green, Wynne Greenwood, Trajal Harrell, Pablo Helguera, Laryssa Husiak, Mary Jeys, Jennie C. Jones, Vishal Jugdeo, Deana Lawson, Ander Mikalson, Irvin Morazan, Alison O’Daniel, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Vesna Pavlovic, Paul Pfeiffer, Postcommodity, Elaine Reichek, Miljohn Ruperto, Lisa Sigal, Hong-An Truong, Jono Vaughan, Stacy Lynn Waddell, Will Wilson, and Geo Wyeth. (website)

Center for Cultural Decontamination invites you to join us
for the New Years' exhibition and ceremonial sale of photographs
- Vesna Pavlovic from the CZKD archives (1995-2002)
Exhibition is opened on December 31st, Noon to 6 pm
CZKD Belgrade, Serbia
New Years Concert - Gabriella Benak, violin

Na fotografijama su/In photographs: Stojan Cerovic, Misa Mihajlov, Petar Lukovic, Slobodan Snajder, Branka Prpa, Latinka Perovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Rambo Amadeus, Ivan Colovic, Ana Miljanic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, BORDEL RATNIKA, Marija Opsenica,Sonja Vukicevic, Vladislav Djordjevic, grupa Skart, Nebojsa Milikic, Obrad Savic, Drinka Gojkovic, Vladimir Arsnijevic, Barbara Dejvis, Jelena Santic, Jerko Denegri, Irina Subotic, Stasa Zajovic, Lino Veljak, Dragomir Olujic, Lula Mikijelj, Dasa Duhacek, Zoran Eric, Branko Pavic, Sonja Vukicevic , Slobodan Bestic, Nikola Dzafo, Dragoslav Krnajski, Zelimir Zilnik, Biljana Kovacevic Vuco, Sonja Biserko, Rajko Danilovic, Zak Lang, Djerdj Konrad, Liv Ulman, Bibi Anderson, Zan Mazalu, Goran Stefanovski , Jovan Cirilov, Olivera Milosavljevic, Andrej Mitrovic, Vera Vukelic, Filip David, Laslo Vegel, Zarko Korac, Ljubisa Rajic, Igor Mandic, Radovan Kupres, Tanja Petrovic, Vojin Dimitrijevic, Branka Petric, Adem Demaci, Jirzi Mencl, Robertu Culi, Nikola Petrovic, Vane Ivanovic, PERTEJ,Radomir Konstantinovic, Slobodan Inic, Nebojsa Popov, Goran Susljik, Aljosa Mimica, Ljubisa Ristic, Irfan Mensur, Mirjana Karanovic, Nenad Prokic, Miladin Zivotic, Dina Djurovic, Predrag Ejdus, Zagorka Golubovic...

Meta-Mentors: Hybrid Practices
College Art Association 2013 Annual Conference
New York, February 13-16, 2013
CAA Services to Artists Committee
Murray Hill Suite, 2nd Floor
Chairs: Vesna Pavlovic, Vanderbilt University; Niku Kashef, California State University, Northridge

Yvette Brackman, independent artist
Samantha Fields, California State University, Northridge
Hope Ginsburg, Virginia Commonwealth University
Max Schumann, Printed Matter, Inc
Jenna Spevack, New York City College of Technology, City University of New York

re: NOUN, an exhibition of persons, places and things
Westobou Festival 2012, Augusta, Georgia
Old Academy of Richmond County, Oct. 3-7, 2012
Curated by Nancy Solomon

The 19th century neo-Gothic architecture of the Old Academy is the unique setting for this exhibition that explores the traditional genres of portraiture, still life, landscape and architecture through the lens of current contemporary art practices. Genre painting, made popular in 17th century Europe, continues to appeal to contemporary artists. Demonstrating a unique vision and approach to the subject matter Louise Belcourt, William Christenberry, Holly Coulis, Drew Galloway, Ashley Kauschinger, Vivian Maier, Vee Speers, Katherine Taylor, Dayna Thacker, Vesna Pavlovic, and Angela West re-invigorate the dialogue about pictorial representation in the visual arts in the context of 21st century life and culture.

Hold Still/Keep Going: time and Memory in Contemporary Lens-based Media

Co-Chairs: Dawn Roe, Rollins College; Elisabeth Friedman, Illinois State University
Paper presentation // Real Images
SECAC 2012 conference // Collisions: SECAC 2012 Hits Tobacco Road
October 13-20, Durham, NC

InLight Richmond 2012
November 2, 2012
1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA

The Tunnel: The Secret of the Siege of Sarajevo, Georgia State University, November 12-15, 2012
Women in Black, exhibition
Rialto Lobby Mezzanine, Atlanta

Hidden Narratives, Vesna Pavlovic & Maria Finn, Interview by Anja lindholm, Kopenhagen Art Institute Magasin,, published online 27.06.2012

CSArt, Community Supported Art exhibition at the Nashville International Airport BNA, Nashville, TN, USA

Vesna Pavlovic's Projected Images, An essay by Alexandra Schwartz, Curator of Contemporary Art, Montclair Art Museum

Hidden Narratives, Artist talk

Vesna Pavlovic & Maria Finn
Faculty Library of Humanities

Negotiating (In)visibilities conference
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Hidden Narratives
Maria Finn & Vesna Pavlovic
BKS Garage, Copenhagen
9. juni – 31. juni 2012

CPH AIR Artist in Residency Program
Vesna Pavlovic
June 20120
Copenhagen, Denmark

Projected Images
G Fine Art
May 12 - June 20, 2012
Washington DC

Opening Reception: May 12, 6:30 - 8:30pm

“In Michael Tournier’s fable The Legend of Painting, a caliph holds a competition to establish the better of the two paintings commissioned to cover opposing walls in his palace. The first painting, by an artist who’d never left home before, is unveiled to show the beautiful picture of a Chinese garden. A week later, the second, widely travelled, painter pulls back the curtain to uncover a vast mirror in which the first painting is brilliantly reflected. He hadn’t lifted a brush but was immediately declared the winner as not only did his secondary image contain the beauty of the first, but its garden was also alive, populated by those viewing it." (Tournier 1992)

Bucharest Bienniale 5
Tactics for the Here and Now
May 25 - July 22, 2012
Bucharest, Romania

Search for Landscapes

February 2 - March 17, 2012
Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, TN

For her first solo exhibition at Zeitgeist, Vesna Pavlovi? presents her ongoing project "Search for Landscapes", shown as a photographic installation last year at the Untitled, (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011. "Search for Landscapes" develops around a group of found vintage slides, which depict one American family's travels around the world during the 1960s - 80s. This coincided with a period of American mobility and freedom of travel to the world’s exotic locations and well-known pilgrimage sites. While looking into the materiality and physicality of these objects, Pavlovi? developed interest in slides as a first level of representation of tourist sites, a direct positive, and an object.

"Du monde clos à l’univers infini" - "From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe"

Le Quartier Centre d'Art Conte,porain, Quimper, France
Du 28 janvier au 25 mars 2012

Zbynek Baladran, Rosa Barba, Juliana Borinski, Nicolas Cilins, Bruce Conner, Julien Crépieux, Raphaël Hefti, Runo Lagomarsino, Elizabeth McAlpine, Vesna Pavlovic, Steven Pippin, Florian et Michael Quistrebert, Paul Sharits

Guest curator : Marc Bembekoff

In his 1957 book "From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe" philosopher-historian Alexandre Koyré describes the perceptual shift that has taken place in our rapport with the world since the 18th century. Mapped onto the field of the visual arts, his theories enable comparisons between the closed world and the movie theatre and between the infinite universe and the exhibition space. As it leads the viewer through the twists and turns of perception, this exhibition speculates about how the moving image has been freed from its standardised setting in terms of both production and circulation : how it has broken out of the traditional movie theatre and been integrated into exhibitions in new forms that take account of the roles of the viewer and the object created.

Marc Bembekoff is a freelance exhibition curator specialising in experimental cinema. A co-founder of the Le Bureau/ exhibition curators’ collective, he is currently a curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Untitled, (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011
Curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann
September 17 - November 13
Istanbul, Turkey

"The visual identity and the title of the 12th Istanbul Biennial—Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011—reference the work of the Cuban American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957–1996), one of the most important artists of the contemporary era."... "The curators of the 12th Istanbul Biennial, to remain in line with Gonzalez-Torres’s idea of “Untitled”, developed a critical position toward preconceived notions of the exhibition and did not declare the list of participating artists until the opening. Thus they proposed to prevent any possible pre-consumption of the exhibition. The 12th Istanbul Biennial aims to draw attention to the importance of the exhibition, the primary format of artistic and curatorial expression, in response to the mentality today favoring ancillary events and programming, especially in a biennial context. The biennial is precisely installed in a single, carefully constructed space, Antrepo 3 and 5, in a manner that privileges the display and juxtaposition of the artworks."

Vesna Pavlovic: Projected Histories
The Frist Center for the Visual Arts
June 24–September 11, 2011
Nashville, TN

This exhibition will include photographs taken in Vesna Pavlovic’s native Serbia and the United States over the last two decades. Focusing on sites and events of cultural significance, Pavlovic examines the power of photography to shape the perception of history as an expression of people’s dreams and aspirations by projecting and conflating self-images and national ideologies.
The exhibition begins with a selection of photographs that were taken in Serbia during the 1990s and explores the failure of utopian modernism under Communism while posing questions about the veneer of normalcy maintained during the civil war and allied bombardment. It concludes with an installation of recent works that considers the values and consumerist ideologies relating to contemporary American life.

Vesna Pavlovic’: Projected Histories is organized by the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.