Vesna PavloviĆ: Lost Art
Illges Gallery
Columbus State University
Columbus, GA
October 7 – 28, 2017

Columbus State University Visiting Artist and Scholar in Residence Program alumna, Vesna PavloviĆ (2014) exhibits her installation Lost Art at The Columbus Museum of Art of Georgia, October 7 - November 30, 2017. In this special installation in the museum’s Woodruff Gallery, she will present work from her photographic series based on the exploration of the Museum of Yugoslavia archives. PavloviĆ explores the materiality of obsolescent media and their relationship with memory in contemporary culture. Her interest in image “archives” goes beyond the accumulated photographic material of institutions or their leaders to encompass those taken and collected by individuals. In the process, she has found evidence of the personal in the archives of a dissolved statist government.

In her essay for a recent “Lost Art” exhibition at Wake Forest University Hanes Art Gallery, art historian Morna O’Neill writes, “Focusing on sites and events of cultural significance, PavloviĆ’s works examine the power of photography to conflate individual and national identity. PavloviĆ draws our attention to the way in which projection can collapse the image and its representation and the dangers inherent in that process: by creating a magic lantern show of Serbia’s history, she points us to the way in which projecting the photographic image, especially one drawn from the archive, can pull the curtain back on the constructed nature of that history.”