Reflections on Images

Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Pariska 14, Belgrade

Curator: Branislav Dimitrijević

8 March, 2013 - 14 April, 2013

Vesna Pavlović is present on the Belgrade photography and art scene since the beginning of 1990s, at first in collaboration with the Škart collective, and afterwards independently, gradually developing her own distinctive, partial, engaged and empathic approach to photography. Many of her photos from the early period of work came to be the emblematic documents on the social processes and the people that, from within the field of civil society, tried to make some difference against an ideologically generated social apathy and relativisation. From the beginning of the last decade, her photographic lens is increasingly focused on scenes and settings that, at first glance, seem rather empty and uneventful, which, however, are symptomatic of the ongoing social processes — from lavishly decorated but uninhabited houses and yards of guest-working Wallachians, in Eastern Serbia, to the symbolic spaces of abandoned and unfinished modernity in the series of photos of hotel rooms and lobbies, offices or festivity halls in some of the state and financial institutions, in Serbia and elsewhere. Read more...

All images courtesy the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade / Photos: Saša Reljić ©