Vesna Pavlovic and Vladimir Tupanjac

Watching is a project based on a series of black and white photographs by Vesna Pavlovic and texts by Vladimir Tupanjac depicting people watching basketball games on live television in private and public spaces, as well as people attending games in the sports venues themselves. Through documenting the various situations of absorbing a sporting event, this project engages the relationship between spectators and performers, between the audience and the event itself, irrespective of whether the game is seen live and in person or mediated through televisual images. The phenomenon of watching a sporting event is treated here as one of the key social models of identification, loyalty, enjoyment, confidence, and collective spirit. Also though, the phenomenon of sport is encompassed within this project in all of its complexity. Sport is one of the most vital and widespread forms of the emanation of power and capital as well as one of the mainstays of media omnipresence and the notion of "the society of the spectacle". Read more...