Show Homes and Display, Desire

“Show Homes”, produced in 2006-07, presents images of model houses shot in various locations in the US. Resembling film sets, this series extends themes prevalent in my earlier series, “Hotels”, “Sculpture Gardens”, “Watching”, and “Collection/Kolekcija”. These themes include audience and performance, and issues of taste set in different anthropological contexts. The elaborate homes are meticulously arranged for prospective buyers, revealing shifting boundaries between private and public space in the US. Within the “Display, Desire” installation, the prints simultaneously function as images of display and display of images. Strange details of the American home are exposed, through the language of cinema and mechanisms of projection. The projection of black and white transparencies onto semi-transparent Plexiglas screens suggest the plastic quality of the interiors, and within the overlapping projection spaces, the images transform, exploring possible representations of the photographic medium itself.